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created by america's cable companies and brought to you as a public service. is this the technique that -- more efficient than direct mail? [laughter] -- glamour ofr reagan had less to do with his hollywood roots. it did have something to do with these skills and grace he acquired as an actor. he always had his mark. questionselding the feel effortless. that is another aspect of glamour. people who were likely to support him politically could
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see the ideal representation of their views. he didn't make them embarrassed. they weren't waiting for them -- him to fail. in those early -- how to beind of a successful politician, a successful italian politician. and using sunday night at 8:00 on c-span's q&a. russia's upper house of parliament voted unanimously to approve sending military forces to ukraine. security council held an emergency meeting. we heard from ambassadors from the two bank countries.
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-- the two countries. this is about half an hour. >> distinguished members of the security council. deputy secretary general. the media. thanks for having this meeting on such a short notice. thank you for your commands and presenting the statement of the secretary general. state am going to -- the situation continues to
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deteriorate. russians have you legally entered the territory of -- you legally -- russians have illegally entered the territory of ukraine. the counsel has authorized military force against ukraine. there and already their number is increasing every hour. this constitutes an active aggression against ukraine. andhreatens the sovereignty territorial integrity of our country. the russian federation does not test --- the buddhist
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budapest memorandum -- it is dangerous to the principal. proposal onted the august 7. the federation violated the principles of charter of the united nations. time, in this fluid situation, -- the government of ukraine has quested to hold this meeting.
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we call upon the security council to do everything possible to stop aggression against ukraine. we are calling for the we asktional monitors all member states of the united nations to demonstrate solidarity with the ukraine to protect the very basic principals of the united nations currently brutally violated by a permanent state, a prominent member of the security council. thank you, madam president. thank you for your attention. >> i thank the representative from ukraine for his statement and i now give the floor to members of the security council. i give the floor to the
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representative of the russian federation. >> thank you, madam president. first of all, i would like to thank my -- i would like to express my sympathy to you. under your presidency in just the two hours we wasted on discussing the format for this meeting, and we agreed that in an open format only three people would speak. mr. ellerson, my ukrainian colleague and the russian federation. as i understand, some of the colleagues of the security council already intend to break with this, but what can you do? there is a game without rules. i would like to thank him for his briefing and support the idea he ended on, the yad that -- the idea in this situation cooler heads must prevail. unfortunately, you must note that my ukrainian colleague did not go for that and in his
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speech what i heard was a number of terms we can't agree with. that's characterizing the situation in ukraine and the actions of the russian federation. the colleagues we discussed the crisis, a crisis which should not have taken place. in order for it to occur there was no objective reason for it to happen. there was and there still is a fraternal country of ukraine, our neighbor. if you talk about this in terms of the last fall situation, the legally elected president yanukovych he is relying on a democratically-elected parliament. truly the country is dealing with a serious economic challenges and with the leadership of ukraine, they have serious decisions to make. in particular, they need to make
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a decision whether they will join or they will assign an agreement of association with the eu. this is a complex decision. one of the mistakes of the ukrainian leadership maybe was the fact that at the last minute they realized that that agreement on association that was being proposed by brussels could have economic consequences for ukraine. in these conditions, the ukrainian leadership, the president took a decision that is fully constitutional and it fully meets the paw roughing -- prerogatives of any state to refrain from signing an agreement with the eu. that didn't mean as many have said that there was a full reputiation. just that he had to weigh the circumstances that had come together at that time. i repeat that was a decision
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which was fully within the legitimate prerogatives of the ukraine. i have a question, why did this problem need to be -- result in street manifestations? why these street demonstrations need to be encouraged from abroad, encouraged by people from the eu? why did the speakers of several countries of the eu, why did they need to appear at these meetings that were ignited by protests against the decision by the ukrainian leadership? why did officials need to talk about bringing the -- working up the public and whipping up leaders of the opposition? why is it that -- why did there have to be such crude interventions in the internal sovereignty of the ukraine? and then another question to be asked, during the crisis reacting to these protests, the
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president yanukovych -- and i don't want to condone his actions. many things could be said. i will just repeat the facts. that the leader -- a leader of the opposition was offered the pm. why not accept that proposal? why continue to ratchet up the situation? he could have created a government if he wanted to sign an agreement with the eu. he could have, and then he would have been responsible for the catastrophic consequences, economic consequences for the country if he signed that agreement. and then in 2015 there will be presidential elections in ukraine. if people don't like the opposition to mr. yanukovych, let them elect another one. that happened before. yanukovych lost elections and other presidents came into ukraine. why continue to whip up the situation?
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have some -- why some of our western colleagues are trying to spur on a situation of confrontation. why these militants need to throw things at the police, molotov cocktails? why go after the police? one of the scoldings or one of the terrorists -- one of the criticism have been made against people. there is no criticisms of people fending for democracy. why do they -- why do they exist if they are going to react to this type of manifestation? why should they exist? as a result of the development of the crisis in this way, an agreement was signed, the 21st of february, and president yanukovych and the opposition signed it. in it there were signatures of three foreign affairs ministers. ministers of germany, france and poland. it was an important agreement reached.
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at a later stage of the crisis, it gave an opportunity to get out of the crisis situation. you under -- under this agreement there will be a government intended and should be constitutional reformed undertaken and the constitution being adopted 2015 and there will be presidential elections. the opposition and authorities of the opposition said they would not use force. they were to give over their weapons to who ever was supposed to keep them. why was this agreement not complied with? why was it not implemented? why did we hear threats against president yanukovych as a result of which he had to leave kiev. why is it that the parliament with its new membership, the ukrainian parliament, with the dramatic changes why did it first off the top make a decision to take away the language legislation which says
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that people have the right to use specific languages, minority languages of not only russian language, but other minority languages. why the first day was that decision made to take those away. it was not a political process they were talking about. one of the leaders of the opposition was called -- was trying to push his -- call themselves a victor and trying to force his will on people. i am not talking about whether there are a lot of them -- or not a lot of them, but there were a number of groups. among these groups there are radical extremists. activists who work on ukrainian security, work in that area. >> now, what has taken place the last few days which is really
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why we are meeting today, well it is a very difficult situation the last few hours has not happened in crimea, but in the eastern part of the ukraine there has been a lot of concern and particularly in crimea and we have seen the emergence of people of kiev with the intention of repeating what is in kiev, what has been happening in the western part of the ukraine. they want to replace the regional government. so that is a great concern in the eastern part of the country. especially in the republic of crimea. in these circumstances, the head of the ministers made statement and today this is referenced. i will quote the statement, in spite of the agreement that wags achieved by the central authorities, there cannot be a change of the security without the agreement of the council and
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the republic of crimea, the violation of the constitution and the violation of laws on the police yesterday, the 28th of february and the beginning of the police action has meant that in this interim with -- with the people that are there that are trying to control the situation in the territory because of the situation there has been disorder and with use of weapons. so then the statement i will quote now that was issued today by the minister of foreign affairs in russia, on the night of march 1st, some unknown people sent from kiev made attempts to take over the ministry of internal affairs building in crimea because of these publications there were casualties. there was an attempt to take over other buildings. the attempt they tried to block it. there were some politicians in kiev trying to stir up the situation on the peninsula with
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upon orders of kiev. it is very irresponsible to try to rip up the situation in a situation that is already very tense already in crimea. what i mentioned from the prime minister of crimea he went to the president of russia and requested assistance to restore peace in crimea. at this information is in appeal about mr. yanukovych, his removal from office we thought was done -- done in not a legal way. as a result of this statement or appeal the president of russia under constitutional procedures sent to the council of the federation the following request, that due to the extraordinary situations taking place in the ukraine, threats to the lives of russian citizens, the military people, the russian
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federation that are there would have been sent there under the agreement we have with ukraine and crimea under the parts of the constitution, the russian -- we have gone to the parliaments and asked for the use of force by the russian federation on ukraine until there is a normalization of the civic and political situation in ukraine, end of quote. i would like to draw your attention to on the territory of ukraine and not against ukraine as my ukrainian colleague said, but on the territory of ukraine until the normalization of civic and political situation in this country. on the recent reports that i have including on the statement by the representative of the president of the russian federation for the press, a decision on the use of armed forces on ukraine, the president of the russian federation has
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not taken that decision. now how to get out of this situation, i repeat as said correctly, we need cooler heads to prevail. we have to get back to the political constitutional path. we need to go back to the agreement of the 25th of february and establish a national unity government and we need to put an end to attempts to converse with opponents, ethnic opponents, political with force and international events of interest in ukraine that we need to sideline the radicals. and we have to -- with those opponents in kiev, they have to get away from the radicals. they have to get back to the territory of ukraine because such actions that they are
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taking could lead to a very difficult developments which the russian federation is trying to avoid. thank you very much, madam president. >> i thank the representative of the russian federation and i now give the floor to the representative of the united states. >> thank you, madam president. the united states renews our call for the international community to support the newly formed government of ukraine and to prevent unnecessary violence. i'd like to take a moment to respond to the comments made by the representative of the russian federation. actions speak louder than words. early this morning the russian duma authorized the use of force in ukraine. this is as dangerous as it is destabilizing. we are deeply disturbed by reports this morning of russian
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military intervention into crimea. this intervention is without legal basis. indeed it violates russia's chit meant to protect the sovereignty, territorial integrity and independence of ukraine. it is time for the russian intervention in ukraine to end. the russian military must stand down. the aspirations of the ukrainian people must be represented and political dialogue must be allowed to continue. we applaud the remarkable restraint and commitment to the dialogue that the you ukrainian government has demonstrated. we recognize and respect russia's historical ties to the ukraine. instead of engaging the government of the ukraine about its concerns of ethnic russians it ignored both and acted unilaterally and militarily. it is ironic the federation goes out of its way in this chamber to emphasize the sank tau tee of national borders and sovereignty, but russian actions in ukraine are violating the sovereignty of ukraine and pose a threat to peace and security.
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russia alleges various actions against and threats to minority groups in ukraine. we see no evidence of these actions yet, but russia's provocative actions could easily push a tense situation beyond the breaking point. russia's incitement of groups to colt out to protest is not responsible behavior in the present situation. there is a clear way forward that would preserve ukraine's sovereignty and territorial integrity and address russia's concerns. first, russia should directly engage the government of ukraine. second, international monitors and observers including from the u.n. and osce should be sent to ukraine. that's the best way to get the facts, monitor conduct and to prevent any abuses. russia is a leading member of both institutions and can participate actively to ensure that its interests are upheld. the immediate deployment of international observers from the
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osce or united nations to crimea would provide transparency about the movement and activity of military and paramilitary forces in the region and diffuse the tensions between the different groups. we are working to stand up an international mediation mission to begin to de escalate the situation and facilitate peaceful political dialogue among all ukrainian parties. our paramount concerns are to end the confrontation and to find a solution that allows the ukrainian people to determine their own destiny, their own government, their own future. that must be the goal of this council and the international community. the united states will work with ukraine, our allies and partners in europe and around the world, and here at the united nations to uphold and protect the sovereignty, unity and democratic future of ukraine. thank you. >> i thank the representative of the united states, and i give
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the floor to the representative of the united kingdom. >> president, as the panel presented that some eu member states were involved in making the crisis worse i would like to set out my government's position. the united kingdom is deeply concerned about the tensions in the crimea peninsula and by the fact that the russian parliament authorized action on ukrainian soil against the wishes of the ukrainian government. this action is a grave threat to the sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity of ukraine. we condemn any act of aggression against ukraine. we have therefore sought an immediate and full explanation from the russian federation for the decision to authorize military action on sovereign ukrainian soil and the basis of it under international law. earlier today my prime minister called on all parties to think carefully about actions and think to lower and not escalate tensions.
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yesterday my secretary spoke to the ukrainian acting president and made clear the united kingdom support for the new government. he urged him that the government takes measures to unify the country and protects the rights of all ukrainian citizens including those from may north groups in the spirit of inclusiveness and assured him of the united kingdom's commitment to the territorial integrity, unity and sovereignty. madam president, the united kingdom government supports the ukrainian government request for urgent consultations in accordance with a 1994 budapest memorandum signed by the united kingdom, the united states, russia and ukraine. we see no reason why these consultations should not take place immediately. yesterday, this council expressed support for ukraine's unity, sovereignty and territorial integrity and agreed all political actors should show restraint.
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it is critical the russian federation respects the independence and territorial integrity of the ukraine and takes immediate steps to calm this dangerous situation. thank you. >> i thank the representative of the united kingdom and now give the floor to the representative from france. >> madam president, since the beginning of the crisis, france has worked toward a solution which would allow for the stablization of the ukraine and democratic ukraine that respects the rights of all communities and members of the great european family. this was the meaning behind the mediation of poland, france and germany. this was the sense of the 21st of february agreement to which the federation at the time refused to give its support. it is not an issue of a geo
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political argument of another time. today we cannot ask the ukraine to choose between east and west. that would be contrary to all of the values that have founded the european union. i would remind you that its existence is based on the refusal to go back to those practices of another age which led our continent to two disasters in one century. the organization given by the russian federation to deploy troops in ukraine, if followed up by facts could be a threat to the territorial integrity of the country and would be a dangerous development for peace. in the ukrainian crisis, france will attempt to provide a political solution that will serve the interests of the ukrainian people and will preserve the territorial integrity and unity of the country. we call for all parties to show restraint and responsibility. we ask the ukrainian authorities
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to take all necessary measures to ensure civil peace, coexistence between communities and taking into account the legitimate concerns of the russian federation. we expect from all of ukraine's neighbors that they help ukraine in that difficult endeavor. france and the european union are ready to make a contribution to a peaceful end to the crisis. the -- it will be decided on the third of march at the council of foreign ministers. >> i thank the representative of france for his statement. there are no more speakers on my list. i would now like to invite members of the council to informal consultations of the issue. the meeting stands adjourned. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute]. [captions copyright national cable stat light corp 2014]. >> the ukraine's ambassador to
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the u.n. spoke to reporters. >> i have a lots of questions. is, thet question russian federation decided -- how on peacekeeping
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they could explain the next question. it was stated that today the parliament took the decision on military intervention today. -- it was never explained in terms of russianional logic why troops appeared. i give you the facts yesterday of what happened. which means there is no explanation why they are there.
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commentcomment on the -- statement that it is a direct intervention. we have not had the answer. thedo they refuse to uphold agreements with ukraine. advised the russian work with the existing bilateral agreement. he was not ready to answer my question why they refused to act fulfill their obligations of the budapest memorandum.
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many important matters were sent by some of the speakers as to the immediate international international occupation. this is what we stated yesterday before the security council. now we are getting the reaction. the suggestion of the british delegation. why not to immediately convey the consultations the guarantee of sovereigntors terry.
7:32 pm
i think that the address was focusing onctive the role of the government to face the problems and the dress -- address all the existing problems. as for the language problem, i told you that the government stated clearly that the parliament would be back with the decree on the language issues based on the charter of the minority languages. in 2012s absolutely -- when the parliament adopted the
7:33 pm
previous law. -- they listened. .ow they can compare they have more questions than answers because we have not explained why aggression has started. and is continuing. we have the decision as to the intervention which was not taken. the troops are there. enlarging.of them is ctsx u go to the recent we try to give you before the meeting, the facts -- that is why we would like to have more media presence in crimea. to stop any lies and any falsified information from their, which is not helpful.
7:34 pm
including what we had from the distinguished head of the russian delegation. the minister of the interior. what happened in the office? nothing. no invasion. information --is it came from ukraine or somewhere. that is why you are badly needed their. here. to spread the truth and stop the violence. >> can i speak? >> somebody is lying here. it isou are saying -- completely different on three issues. including the claim that the interior ministry was
7:35 pm
attacked. and there are extreme rightists in the government. the other issue is how this happened. that president yen a viktor yanukovych ran away. said theytion leaders could not control the people on the streets and he left because his life was threatened. that is a contradiction. can you address that? and the issue of whether there are extremist's in the government. >> i can repeat it now. -- as tor nickel rich , he left hisvych constitutional duties. started with the
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demand to bring to the parliament the old constitution. and then to start amending. it was provisioned that immediately after the decision, the president would sign it. he disappeared. >> why? >> a lot of questions which have come from his own party. they called him a person who betrayed them. he even failed to come to the rally. he promised to come but he did not. then he disappeared. we discovered he was in russia. conference the press and stated that he is legally -- the legal president.
7:37 pm
he left his constitutional duties. that is why the parliament took that decision. announced have impeachment or do what they did. --state that he left his voluntarily, his constitutional duties. no. no threat. around thatg spread allegedly the people demanding to bring him to the tribunal cash it happened days after. this is lying. >> what happened? >> the aggression you are talking about. are these acts of war by russia? are you at war with russia? >> no. we are not at war. as i said yesterday. we are trying to avoid any clashes.
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-- we are returning to the resolution of the general assembly of the united nations. this was dated december 14. there are several provisions. acts, the following regardless of the declaration of the shall be subject to provisions of article two. the blockade of the ports or closing of a state by the armed forces of another state. blockedinian fleet was and they closed the -- the ports are blocked. the invasion or tempted by the just to, you may
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find these -- the resolution yourself. the use the forces of one state which are within the territory. base for theavy russian fleet. with the agreement of the receiving state. --country region beyond theon -- termination of the agreement. is exactly what we stated yesterday and keep stating. they have their military presence of the black sea -- but it is limited. now they are enlarging their presence. look at this provision and you
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will understand they refer to acts of aggression. that is why i made in a statement -- these are acts of aggression. >> the timing, the troops moved before the vote of the duma. what is the significance of that? i have been looking at the budapest memorandum. it prohibits economic coercion. to the guarantors required come to your defense? unfortunately, in history the russian federation tried to suppress us with economic tools. we use the arguments of these agreements. it did not work. the europeanday,
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states,, united the guarantors -- they are ready to provide assistance and financial systems. your first question -- we have had no clear answer for my statement. long beforeppeared the duma took the positions of today. this action has been prepared long before. it was a well-prepared action. why my feeling and position is that the provisions of the charter, the mechanisms and principles of the security council were violated severely.
7:42 pm
they destroyed the to demonstrate while the -- without any consultations with anybody. -- itecided to protect was a mistake in the statement of one of the colleagues. the decision was taken not to protect the at make russians but the russian speaking population. if you speak russian, you are to be protected by the russian federation. >> because the deputy harry secretary says this is the time you wereeads, calm, asked if the government might be -- put the clock one week -- have a conversation with the
7:43 pm
former president or still the president. is say viktor yanukovych crazy and you do not talk with people like this. this is in contrast with what the deputy secretary said. >> no. it was one of the first recommendations stated by the american ambassador. colleagues toian lunch immediate consultations -- launch immediate consultations with the new government. we consider the composition of our power in the parliament and cabinet as legal. absolutely legal. we wish to speak with our russian colleagues on that level. disappearedovych
7:44 pm
not supported by his party. the states around the world decided to recognize the legally elected government. -- they messages decided to send a message ity ofizing the legal parliament. had changes in their membership. demand,why what we asked the russian federation long ago and told you yesterday -- i stated it. propose to them the consultations but they refused.
7:45 pm
possibility for this address. we are ready for consultations. we demand all those troops to be withdrawn immediately. they are illegally present their. -- there. they are to move back. the eu play in honest broker part? and second, your government has called for maximum alert for the armed forces. do you feel the russian forces may move further than crimea? , the was stated today decision of the russian
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parliament was not focused on crimea only. contains the full name of ukraine. woulds something which like to not even guess it could happen. did a great union job mediating this crisis. they demonstrate solidarity to help us economically which is important. the eu focuses on all the problems in ukraine which we have had since long ago. demanding that we be inclusive and find solutions for any group of people in any region. any ethnic minority. this is important.
7:47 pm
it means we need good advice. and also we need good support from them. >> one more question. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. that you very much. -- their party is different. the leaders made some statements for some people, but it does not reflect the majority. -- veryestern region
7:48 pm
constructive. >> will there be a national unity government? >> i explained the effects in our history yesterday. that thattion stated the new government would be the trurnment of the people's st. the people on the streets demanded permission to bring the candidates before the voting in the parliament to the street. they agreed. they were even refused. some of them were fused because demanded no former people from the administration of the former president. no people who had suspicion of corruption.
7:49 pm
they demanded professionals. it means that the community could keep an eye on this government. from allwhat we got -- revolutions, of dignity. it was from the media -- a priest, today i read his statement. a revolution of dignity. it turned to the defense of the dignity. we have a meeting. >> can you confirm one thing?
7:50 pm
your spokesperson said there are 15,000 more russian troops in crimea. can you confirm that? exactly, what i spread it among you -- this is official calculations. know it is growing. we know. -- the black sea presents. ce.presen most probably. thank you. >> how many countries have sent notification of recognizing the new government? from the united
7:51 pm
states, european states, it is coming. i am not -- arithmetic majority? or bulleted of majority? -- qualitative majority? they need changes in our country. these people corrupted because of huge corruption. unemployment and poverty. it happened a long before. people were suppressed during the last regime severely. thank you very much. >> both chambers of congress are scheduled to be back in session on monday. one of the items on the agenda
7:52 pm
in the house includes a bill that deals with the health care law's individual mandate. we talked with the journalist who covers capitol hill. --adriely yatsenyuk bettelheim is a senior editor. congress comes back with a senior budget. what should we be looking for and what is the expected reaction from leaders? is going to be released in two installments. the first will come out tuesday. out aetails will come week later. that makes it harder to do apples to apples, year-to-year comparisons. the administration says the delay is due to the weight budget agreement in december -- ine budget agreement december. we will get a sense of where their priorities are on tuesday.
7:53 pm
because of the agreement put in numbers,line spending the season will be more a forum to showcase competing fiscal visions. the republicans are planning to roll out their own budget and offered general goals on taxes, trade, energy, and regulatory curves. pointing outl keep the upbeat economic outlook. >> let me jump in. we know congressional hearings on the budget again next week, including one wednesday with the finance committee chairman wyden. >> talking about breathing room for more -- he is new to the tax-writing panel. he has his own ideas about tax policy. again, it is a forum for airing
7:54 pm
ideas about the broader economy. you want be seeing the summit -- their democrats be doing own budget plan. the field the december agreement .ut the spending caps in place the republicans will do their own plan, which will contrast with the administration's blueprint. house republicans met and talked about alternatives to the health care law. next week, there is a bill scheduled. what about the bill and what is the current republican strategy? >> they obviously still object to obamacare. i think they have moved away from trying to repeal it. now they are going after individual pieces. the measure coming up next week has the same effect the bill the house passed has. it draws on the gop
7:55 pm
administration that they are giving relief for the mandate. up, itme this came attracted almost two dozen democratic votes. it will be interesting to see if they vote along with it. nancy pelosi blasted the bill, saying it would drive up premiums. it is a symbolic vote and will be an interesting bit of theater. >> there are a couple of other things on the house schedule. a flood insurance bill that was postponed. --rgy-related interjection legislation. >> they are wrinkling over the flood insurance deal. it was put off until this week. the republican leaders are working with democrats on this one. they are trying to get language that the house can swiftly pass and the senate can clear. what they are trying to do is mitigate some heavy premium
7:56 pm
increases to property owners in flood areas. it came about because of legislation that congress passed last year to address the deficits, chronic deficits in the national flood insurance program. they are undoing the work to providing relief. the house will take up an energy will restrictich the epa's regulation of carbon emissions by coal-fired plants. this is a big priority of utilities. it would require any limits for new plants to be based on existing technology. it will be a theme this week. there will be several energy bills, just like there was a theme last week about excessive regulation. we thank bettelheim, you for the lookahead.
7:57 pm
as always sir, thank you for your time. >> my pleasure, sir. >> on the next washington journal, national review --umnist talks about us joins us to talk about the tea party. followed by brandywine garden -- eingarten. in thejoined with daniel council of foreign relations. washington journal is live at 7:00 a.m. eastern. what we're told, both as students and as a nation, is there are all kinds of siddons and marches and demonstrations and occur. -- sit in's
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marches and demonstrations that occur. barks --it was rosa basically, it was rosa parks and the young preacher who the president referred to as a young preacher from georgia. who leads the masses of african americans from racial oppression. the notion that rosa sat and andin could do this stuff then barack fly. they sound good. they really simplify a much more public hated history. that can't located history -- simplify a much more complicated history. that complicated history involves a lot of people who dismantled segregation. rosa parks was an activist. she didn't give up her seat by accident.
7:59 pm
tough university -- tufts university professor specializes in what he calls black power studies. his latest book will be in bookstores march 4. sunday, he will take your questions life for three hours starting at noon eastern on the tv. -- on book tv. >> the new website makes it easier than ever for you to keep tabs on washington, d.c. and share your finds via facebook, twitter, and other social networks. unctions help you access the events. tools make it easier to share events with your friends. or you can send links to your video clips. just find the share tools on our video player, or look for the green icon links.
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watch washington on the new if you see something of interest, clip it. >> tonight, the tea party movement celebrates its anniversary with a convention. that is followed by the dnc winter meeting. about his smith talks documentary on the marijuana industry in colorado. later, hugh crane's ambassador to the united nations talks intervention into his country. events tog public you. we offer complete coverage of the u.s. house, and all of it

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